The SHINE Party With a Purpose is Actuate's annual fundraising event. Not the usual black-tie-tights-shoes-bad-canapes kind of fund raising event. More of a raise-the-roof-raise-the-volume-raise-eyebrows kind of fundraising event.

We get together friends, friends of friends, clients and suppliers and have a party to raise funds for charity. The charities we focus on are always educational, believing that every person who is empowered through education is the centre of a ripple that flows outwards and improves their lives, and that of those around them.

The charities that we supported through SHINE 2010 were The Teddy Bear Clinic, Zevenfontein Educational Fund and The Rainbow Children's Village.

Check out the pics.

Shine Party 2012
Shine Party 2011

*Additional funds are raised through the black market sales of the compromising photos you won't find on this website.